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Tensile Testing Machine
Tensile Testing Machine is used to test the tensile strength and compressive strength of materials. This machine is specially configured to evaluate the tensile strength of specimens. This machine can be used to perform a variety of tests. This can perform variety of tests such as compression tests, tensile tests, etc. on different materials.
Plastic Testing Machine
Plastic Testing Equipment is manufactured by using best quality materials under the observation of skilled professionals. This machine is accessible in numerous specifications according to the requirements of customers. We create top notch machineries that increase the productivity and decreases the production cost.
Metal Testing Equipments
Metal Testing Equipment is used to perform tensile, compression, bending and shear tests on most widely varying materials, both in form of test pieces and as finished products. Hardness test on metals can also be performed. our products is matching international quality standards. This machine is very effective and economical both.
Cable Testing Equipments
Cable Testing Equipment is widely provided to our customers as per their customers specifications, needs and requirement. This demand for flexibility is especially true where multiple generation sources occur, such as the intermittent power from renewables like solar and wind energy.
Laboratory Equipments
Laboratory Equipment refers to the various tools and equipment used by scientists working in a laboratory: This equipment is durable designs for high schools and colleges, high-performance compound microscopes and SEM microscopes for university and laboratory use, and even pocket microscopes for on-the-go use, all with the latest digital enhancements.
Rubber Testing Equipments
Rubber Testing Equipment is designed to determine abrasion resistance index of natural. . The equilibrium is established by the relation between the net lost to the surroundings as measured by either time of burning or length of specimen burned. This point is approached from both sides of the critical oxygen concentration in order to establish the oxygen index
Plastic Testing Equipment
Plastic Testing Machine is manufactured and supplied by our company which is widely used by our customers. this machine is very effective as well as economical too as this requires very low maintenance and operating costs. This machine can be easily purchased by our customers in bulk quantities at reasonable pricing.
Cable Testing Equipment
Cable Testing Equipment is widely manufactured by making use premium grade components and high technology under the supervision of our experts. This equipment is very effective as well as widely appreciated by our customers too. This can be easily availed at market rates.
Melting Point Apparatus
Melting Point Apparatus is a machine that helps chemists determine the identity of the compound based on what temperature it turns from a solid to a liquid. Small amounts of whatever is tested is inserted into small, thin tubes and inserted into the machine
Laboratory Testing Equipment
Laboratory Testing Equipment is made utilizing high grade raw material and highly advanced technology in complete adherence with the international quality norms. Additionally, we offer this range of equipment in different customized designs, shapes and allied specifications to comprehend and meet the diverse requirements of clients.
Inhouse Developed Machine
Inhouse Developed Machines are designed to perform torque test on insulator of varying heights and for a similar application on other products. Multiple drive options are available to suit customer requirement. These are displayed digitally with a facility to display peak torque at end of the test.